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Nuriko's Tales of Eternia Tv Review

Tales of Eternia

Rated: 5

I think the series was shafted.

Namco (the game producers) should have insisted that the animators go in line from the beginning of the Tales universe to the end and not jump to the title in the middle. The way the anime was presented to the public seemed like the classic "quest for more money" and robbed it of the potential that the game left in tact. The animation seemed rushed and unfinished. The only benefit the producers seemed to give it was to hire well known seiyuu to do the music and voice acting as some of the new main characters (i.e. Megumi Hayashibara as Marone/Marron and doing music as well). All in all, very botched up, but workable.

Fans of the Tales universe should watch this anyway, because Meredy is fantastic and uber-kawaii animated.

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